011: Enduring Personality Changes from Entheogens / by Joe

This is Entheogen: three human beings discussing generating the divine within while still being human beings. In this episode, recorded on April 20, 2015, we discuss Enduring Personality Changes from Entheogens.

This show we are joined by special guest, Ingo, to explore the topic of how psychedelics can change one's personality.

Ingo explains how in traditional psychology, one's personality typically doesn't change after the age of 30 years. And yet in his experience, he has grown more as a person since he began using psychedelics than ever before.

How does a psychedelic experience change one's personality? In the peak entheogenic experience? During the afterglow? Cumulatively over the years?

Ingo reminds us of the Roland Griffiths we study discussed in Entheogen 008: The Trip Treatment.

How psychedelics reintroduce us to the joy, wonder, and awe of a child's perspective.

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