010: Medicinal Herbs with Mountain Man Dan / by Joe

This is Entheogen: three human beings discussing generating the divine within while still being human beings. In this episode, recorded on March 30, 2015, we discuss medicinal herbs with Mountain Man Dan.


Wild Daga a.k.a Lion's Tail: any relationship to Rooibus tea? tastes similar, pairs very well

Dan discusses his inspiring journey of self-healing using medicinal plants

Kevin wonders about mixing various herbs

Blue Lotus: calming, narcotic effect, lucid dreaming, Dan recommends combining with mugroot

Tolerance; addictive potential

Kana Flower: alertness, focus, faster perception of senses; correlation with the development of human consciousness?

Kevin recommends smokeableherbs.com

Dan recommends a glass bowl, "Patience," and the Whisper vaporizer

Thoughts on ibogaine? 36 hour effects, "negative life review" aspect (another African plant)