016: Breathwork / by Joe

This is Entheogen. We talk about tools for generating the divine within. It's October 12, 2015. We're talking about Breathwork.

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Holotropic Breathwork was developed by Stan Grof, an early researcher and practitioner of LSD Psychotherapy, as a substitute for LSD when the substance was outlawed.


"Holotropic Breathwork"?

What is it like to experience of a Holotropic Breathwork workshop?

Yoga Nidra guided meditation


"Iceman" Wim Hof's method of teaching people how to control their immune system response


Pineal gland as "director" of other glands? Glands secrete hormones, which regulate mood, energy level, wellness, etc.

The importance of pH level and its affect on neurotransmitters?

Update 1/17/2018: here's an article featuring some more of the scientific benefits of yoga.