027: Sacred Plant Retreats with Maxwell Wieland of Munay Medicine in Peru, Part 2 / by Joe

This is Entheogen. Talk about tools for generating the divine within.

Today is February 21, 2016, and we are discussing Sacred Plant Retreats with our guest, Maxwell Wieland of Munay Medicine in Peru.

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  • Munay Medicine – what’s the vision, how does a retreat work, what do they offer?
  • The 10-day Retreat
  • “La Dieta” – lifestyle more than diet.
  • Yoga as adjunct therapy to plant medicine.
  • Yoga class as track meet? Yoga more as philosophy than merely athleticism.
  • Reconsidering “traditional” use of ayahuasca in a long historical context.
  • Alchemist? E.g., extraction of alkaloids.
  • The duality of the ego. “I just sleighed my ego.”
  • “Avoid the dreaded underdose. Dose high. Dose healthy.”