024: A Microdose of Alex & Allyson Grey / by Joe

Today is January 24, 2016, and we have for you a microdose of Alex & Allyson Grey.

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We’ll begin with a quote from the New York Times: "Alex Grey's art, with its New Age symbolism and medical-illustration finesse, might be described as psychedelic realism, a kind of clinical approach to cosmic consciousness. In it, the human figure is rendered transparently with X-ray or CAT-scan eyes, the way Aldous Huxley saw a leaf when he was on mescaline. Every bone, organ and vein is detailed in refulgent color; objects and space are knitted together in dense, decorative linear webs."

Psychedelic, inspired by entheogens

Best known for the Sacred Mirrors series

CoSM, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors“The Mission of the Chapel of Sacred  Mirrors,  CoSM,  is  to  build  an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire every pilgrim’s  creative path and embody the values of love and perennial wisdom.”

Alex’s art is featured by Tool, Nirvana, The String Cheese Incident, Meshuggah, and the Beastie Boys

Alex and Allyson’s shared journey, visioning the same image, painted by Allyson as Jeweled Net of Indra and by Alex as Universal Mind Lattice