006: Interview with Meriana Dinkova: Navigating Altered States / by Joe

This is Entheogen: three human beings discussing generating the divine within while still being human beings. In this show we are honored to be joined by Meriana Dinkova, licensed psychotherapist. Thanks for joining us.


- Meriana's work: preparing and processing

- techniques for protection and optimization of a trip

- the Bruce Lee technique: superheroes as archetypal guides or guardians to be called upon during altered states

- personifying LSD, mushrooms, and ayahuasca:

LSD: that's you. That's your shit. Deal with it. (Can cover a lot. Can be cold about it.)

Mushrooms: the little brothers, jokers. This is your shit and this is how it's funny. Lightness. The universe is a cosmic joke. Intelligent. Caring. At higher doses, less funny and more deep.

Ayahuasca: the great mother; the grandmother: wise feminine being who cares about you. These are the ways in which you're not your shit. Hard truths, e.g. shows you how you've harmed other people. Non-judgemental. Caring, wise. Supportive.

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- future topic teaser: Sex Magic and Erotic Influence